More Project Possibilities For many of us, shining the light on this particular community need may reveal a problem that we didn’t see in its entirety. Becoming educated about a problem can at first seem daunting. The silver lining is that others have already been problem solving. They are the social entrepreneurs who having beenContinue reading “Food”

Fifth Grade: Food

Addressing the need for food in our community is often the most obvious need presented to us by food drives and holiday meals. We often forget the other obvious: food is a daily need and our food banks need constant support to help those struggling with food insecurity. Our children can become aware of dailyContinue reading “Fifth Grade: Food”

Let’s Fix Food Insecurity

“An estimated 100 billion pounds of food, enough to totally eliminate hunger, is thrown away annually in the United States. It does not have to be this way.” It’s nothing short of amazing that we continue to allow this contrast to exist without correction. We have the supplies, tools, and intelligence to fix thisContinue reading “Let’s Fix Food Insecurity”