Grade Level Topics

A way to work together nationally.

Kindergarten: Animals

  • Animal shelters, adoptions
  • Wildlife

First Grade: Outreach

  • Hospital patients, Nursing homes
  • The elderly
  • Mentoring youth
  • Military: active-duty personnel, families, veterans

Second Grade: Shelter

  • Personal hygiene and cleaning items
  • Clothing: for winter, for work, pajamas, socks
  • Rehabilitation, job training, employment
  • Alternative housing, apartment sharing, affordable rentals
  • Disasters: preparedness, relief, cleanup, rebuilding

Third Grade: Disabilities

  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility
  • Adaptations

Fourth Grade: Global Sister City

  • Reconciliation, Recovery
  • Education
  • Shelter
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Electricity, Fuel
  • Environmental Preservation

Fifth Grade: Food

  • Non-perishable food collections
  • Perishable food collection from

farms, grocery stores, food service, restaurants, hunters

  • Mobile meals
  • Weekend food backpacks for students
  • Summer lunches for youth
  • Nutrition and cooking education
  • Community gardens
  • Pay-what-you-can restaurants

Sixth Grade: Environment

  • Recycling
  • Alternative energy
  • Stewardship

As new projects are developed or additional needs are identified, the National Projects Checklist will expand and adapt to current challenges.

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