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We can come together to problem solve. We already have; we already are. We can bring it home in large scale, gathering our youth with us, raising our children to work intelligently and efficiently to problem solve the humanitarian and environmental challenges we face as a people.

National Checklist

Social Entrepreneurs – Service Learning


A National Departure Point


Flow Chart


Blog Posts:

From “My Child” to “Our Children”

Youth Managing Community Needs

American Youth are Unique – Let’s Play to Their Strengths

Merging a National Service Initiative with Existing Curriculum

Creating Together – As a People

We Can Start Now; We Don’t Need Permission

Let’s Fix Food Insecurity

Wildlife and Endangered Species


From the Book:

Part Two: “By the People” 

A National K-12 Service Curriculum

K-12 Service Learning Outline

Specific Models in Specific Grades

K-12 Snapshot

Kindergarten: Caring for Animals

First Grade: Hospital Dolls

Second Grade: Violence Intervention Safe House Gift Bags

Third Grade: Sister City – A Global Service Learning Component

Fourth Grade: Disabilities Awareness

Fifth Grade: Food2Share

Sixth Grade: Recycling and Zero Waste

Grades: Seven through Twelve

A K-12 Service Learning Journal

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