Sixth Grade: Environment

Recycling We don’t have a sample project for sixth grade students yet, but would love one if you’ve worked it out. Discussion with the community waste management director and school maintenance staff would be the starting point to assess current practices for comparison with models from other communities. Environment is the most complex topic, embracingContinue reading “Sixth Grade: Environment”

Second Grade: Shelter

Safe House Gift Bags Second graders created gift bags for children and teens in the Violence Intervention Program Safe House. Middle school students made the bags and joined with second graders to help complete the gift bags. Service projects under the topic, Shelter, address items that are typically found in a home; things like clothingContinue reading “Second Grade: Shelter”

First Grade: Caring Outreach

Hospital Dolls Nurses in our community requested these dolls for our local emergency room. The piloted first grade service learning project drew upon a model from Kiwanis of Burnside, Australia and information gathered from the websites of hospitals using these dolls. The above first grade project, as all sample projects, simply represents a possibility forContinue reading “First Grade: Caring Outreach”

Kindergarten: Animals

Caring for Animals Kindergarten teachers identified animals as the starting point for a community leadership role. Topic Areas: Therapy Children and youth Hospitals Veterans Rescue Shelters Adoptions Wildlife Therapy Animals “Therapy animals can provide physical, psychological, and emotional benefits to those they interact with, typically in facility settings such as healthcare, assisted living, and schools.Continue reading “Kindergarten: Animals”

Fifth Grade: Food

Food2Share A district wide K-12 service learning project creates an ongoing, self-sustaining system to address food insecurity in local communities. Topics: Fresh Food Recovery Field Gleaning Donating Food Creating Meals for People in Need Healthy Eating Education Community Gardens Farming Innovation Fresh Food Recovery Grocery Store Restaurant School Cafeterias Small Quantities Bagels Field Gleaning GatheringContinue reading “Fifth Grade: Food”

American Youth Are Unique – Let’s Play to Their Strengths

We need to establish our American identity in our system of education. Our youth are Americans who want to participate in meaningful ways. They want to explore the world and connect with others, they want voice. American youth want to create meaningful change, and know they are capable. As older Americans, we may seek theirContinue reading “American Youth Are Unique – Let’s Play to Their Strengths”

High School Dropout Can Fade Away

We need to start at the beginning – at the root – to grow strong, interactive engagement with our youth and rediscover the heartbeat of education that is alive with relevance. Without an overarching design that starts from the beginning to create a solid foundation, we will continue to falter and wander within a weakContinue reading “High School Dropout Can Fade Away”