Further insight and detail…

When I met with staff of major organizations in DC that would seem a match to the content of this initiative, I was told, across the board, “it’s where we need to be,” and “it’s ahead of the curve.” I didn’t know what to do with this perspective. So I thought maybe if I wrote a book about it people who could do something would do something.

The book is the longer description of the path to the vision and a more detailed explanation of parts. If you prefer to have a physical book, it can be purchased here. Otherwise the button below makes it fully accessible online.

Single Topics

As I continued to reach out for connections to bring the initiative to life there were some questions that surfaced, so I wrote to clarify specific topics. And then there were some outcomes that became apparent, so I wrote about them, too.

We the People Are the Inspiration

Solution in Our Midst

We Can Start Now; We Don’t Need Permission

Merging a National Service Initiative with Existing Curriculum

Youth Managing Community Needs

One Point of Agreement: Topics K – 6

High School Dropout Can Fade Away

American Youth Are Unique – Let’s Play to Their Strengths

Let’s Fix Food Insecurity

Obesity: A National Concern

Education and National Security

Wildlife and Endangered Species

An Antidote to Bullying

From My Child to Our Children

A response to the book…