The Process

We can begin now.

Nothing holds us back.

A National Point of Departure

Grades K – 6 create a much needed foundation in service for our youth. Beyond 6th grade, our emerging young adults become community members free to choose areas of service work based on interest and skill. All project work in the community is tracked by topic in grades K – 6, establishing leadership roles and knowledge at a young age.

Social Entrepreneurs and Service Learning

Service learning brings relevance to academics, energizing students and bringing much needed support to the community.


  • Community outcome statistics are joined nationally.
  • National problem solving is assessed yearly in all areas by our youth based on statistics provided by their local non-profits.
  • National graduating classes are identifiable as students develop relationships with their nationwide peers, growing together in service.

Flow Chart

Schools become the center of our communities, youth become an integral part of our progress, researching solution models, and coordinating our efforts in a community checklist. The relationships formed by the initiative are varied, powerful, and sustainable. The flow chart below is an aerial view of relationships formed.

We can begin now. Nothing holds us back.