First Grade Leadership Role Hospital Dolls Nurses in our community requested these dolls for our local emergency room. The piloted first grade service learning project drew upon a model from Kiwanis of Burnside, Australia and information gathered from the websites of hospitals using these dolls. The above first grade project, as all sample projects, simplyContinue reading “Outreach”


Kindergarten Leadership Role Caring for Animals Kindergarten teachers identified animals as the starting point for a community leadership role. Therapy Animals “Therapy animals can provide physical, psychological, and emotional benefits to those they interact with, typically in facility settings such as healthcare, assisted living, and schools. While most frequently dogs, therapy animals can include otherContinue reading “Animals”


Fifth Grade Leadership Role Food2Share A district wide K-12 service learning project creates an ongoing, self-sustaining system to address food insecurity in local communities. Fresh Food Recovery Grocery Store Restaurant School Cafeterias Small Quantities Bagels Field Gleaning Gathering fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste Donating food Creating Meals for People in Need MealsContinue reading “Food”

Obesity: A National Concern

There are numerous studies and reports on obesity as a modern day epidemic in our country. The solution seems simple: we need to move, to be active, to exercise, and we need to consume foods that are good for us, whole foods, balanced meals, reasonable quantities. None of this is new. The dilemma is howContinue reading “Obesity: A National Concern”