Our Resources

The up side:

We have created so many solutions. We have responded to humanitarian and environmental needs.

The down side:

We do not replicate at the scale or pace required. We are not able to grasp the whole of our problem solving efforts.

The first step is to recognize the breadth of what we have already created; to gather all of the needs and solutions  – to bring them all to the table – so they can be organized into a larger whole that allows us to see how they fit together; to allow us to see a new set of possibilities.

Blog Posts:

We – the People – Are the Inspiration

Solution in Our Midst

Immense Social Good – Simply Unlocked

Obesity: A National Concern

From the Book:

Part One: “Of the People”

A Plethora of Outstanding Projects

Service Learning: The Inclusion of Our Children

Food2Share: A Service Learning Project

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