National Service Projects Checklist

Share – Coordinate – Problem Solve

One source for solutions – Organized by topic

Managed by our youth

A research tool:

  • For students, community based organizations, community officials, citizens
  • To understand the large scope of needs and solutions
  • To find solutions working in other communities, support from project originators and replicators

A way to:

  • Work together nationally:
    • on similar local distinctions
    • adding to models; sharing ideas we have incorporated
    • grow models and systems we all know and understand
  • Work together locally:
    • determine most pressing needs with community-based organizations
    • generate a locally defined checklist of projects
    • specific tasks – who is doing them
    • reduce duplication – increase variety of contribution

A national project list allows us to:

  • join together
  • learn from each other
  • help and encourage each other
    • avoid mistakes we have made
    • move past stumbling blocks
  • share in the pride and joy of accomplishment