Our Children

Adults seek student engagement in the classroom.

Youth seek engagement in the real world.

Youth bring fresh perspective and energy to our challenges.

Past generations included youth in real-life activities as soon as they were capable,
providing opportunity to help and to contribute to the welfare of the community.

Our children deserve:

  • Opportunity to
    • Participate in addressing the challenges they will inherit
    • Apply education to real life problem solving
    • Create meaningful change
  • Real world leadership roles
  • To see the difference they can make in the world – as they grow
  • To connect with their peers nationwide – and globally
  • Voice

Our children are:

  • Excited to go to school
  • Ready to learn
  • Ready to engage
  • Expectant of a role to play in the adult world
  • Capable of more than we allow
  • Emerging young pioneers
  • A significant, untapped resource

Parents expect schools to provide:

  • An education for their children that builds on their altruistic qualities
  • Inspiration for their children to learn and engage in study
  • Multiple avenues for their children to achieve success
  • Ways to stay involved in the development of their children
  • Something more than tests – something that honors the heart and soul of their offspring