Social Entrepreneurs

Solution Models with Documented Outcomes

We honor – award – fund their work

Social entrepreneurs:

  • Apply education to humanitarian and environmental challenges
  • Show us paths of solution
  • Have created a foundation for us all to build upon
  • Model
    • Community building
    • Commitment
    • Responsibility
  • Seek
    • Replication of their projects
    • To educate and bring more of us into their problem-solving arena
  • Can carve the way forward with our children as partners

Our students can:

  • Learn from current solution-builders
  • Honor their work by replicating their projects
    • Contribute outcomes
    • Join with peers nationwide
    • Join with peers globally
  • Find the connection between education and real-life needs in their communities
  • Become the adult generation that makes the difference we speak of but have yet to create and sustain