Second Grade: Shelter

Safe House Gift Bags

Second graders created gift bags for children and teens in the Violence Intervention Program Safe House. Middle school students made the bags and joined with second graders to help complete the gift bags.

Service projects under the topic, Shelter, address items that are typically found in a home; things like clothing and beds, or if living on the street, access to food, storage, and personal hygiene. The details we may take for granted have become the substance of projects that help others in need in ways we may not have considered.


  • Foster Care
  • Children
  • Staying Housed
  • Homeless on the Street
  • Shelters

Foster Care

Hope in a Suitcase
One SImple Wish
Cinderella Project
Hope Meadows


Cradles to Crayons
The Pajama Program
Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Staying Housed

Rebuilding Together

Keep Oakland Housed

Gloria’s Gladiators

Homeless on the Street

Homeless Outreach Team
A – Z Book of Homelessness
Beantown Blankets
Happy Helpers for the Homeless
Love in the Mirror
Hershey Community Youth Alliance Sock Drive
The Undies Project
Extra-Ordinary Birthdays
Home 2 Home Project
A Wider Circle
The Empowerment Plan
Veteran’s Community Project Village
Father Joe’s Villages
Mercy Housing lakefront

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