First Grade: Caring Outreach

Hospital Dolls

Nurses in our community requested these dolls for our local emergency room. The piloted first grade service learning project drew upon a model from Kiwanis of Burnside, Australia and information gathered from the websites of hospitals using these dolls.

The above first grade project, as all sample projects, simply represents a possibility for consideration. Any outreach category can serve to unite our first graders in gathering our efforts into a composite picture at the community level to combine with their peers nationally. The idea is for first graders in all communities to be in charge of this topic area to allow for coordination. All community projects taken up in this topic area are shared with first graders who update the community checklist.

The outreach models we create are varied, touching upon many needs and solutions. Some of the models are simple; others are complex. Some are urban, others are not; but perhaps worthy of consideration in our communities. The mix is educational for all of us, and most importantly, for our youth, the next generation to take the lead.


  • Children
  • Youth
  • Military
  • Elders
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Prisons


Temporary Daycare Support

Intergenerational Learning Center


The Basics of Safe Routes to School

Read n Roll

Eureka2 Playground

Playspace For All Children

Station Soccer
Knitting a Community Together

Knit Cafe

City to Saddle
Heart of the City Music Program
DC Scores
Scraper Bikes
Teen Literacy: Get Lit
Experience Aviation
Becoming A Man
Reconnect Brooklyn
Mural Arts
Midnight Basketball
Urban Riding Club
Summer Night Lights
Peace Rocks
Block Wisdom
Apex Youth Center
City Faces
Council for Unity
100 Suits
Young Mothers
High Risk Young Men
Streetworker Outreach
Boston 10Point Coalition
Man Up!
Opioid Crisis Recovery


Soldier’s’ ‘Angels

Operation Paperback

Songwriting With Soldiers

Support from Fellow Warriors

Camp Patriot
The Soldiers Coach
Project Healing Waters
Teacher Resource


Bridges Together
Elder Concierge Service
Retirement or Nursing Home as Dorm


Second Wind


Requests from Hospitals
Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Emily’s Smile Boxes
Songs of Love
Trauma Unit Projects
Children’s Artwork for Emergency Room
Worry Dolls
Hats for Cancer Patients
Newborns in Need
T-Shirts for Ventilator Patients

Nursing Homes

Memory Haven App
Activity Aprons
Reading to Residents


Gideon’s Promise
Open City Advocates
Victim Offender Dialogue
Girl Scouts Behind Bars
Hooks and Needles
Knitting Behind Bars
Alabama Prison Arts and Education Program
Delancey Street
Jails to Jobs
Cafe Momentum
Old Skool Cafe
Confections with Conviction
Benevolence Farm
Restorative Justice
Prisoner Visitation
PREP Partnership for Re-Entry
The Other Side Academy
Rubicon Bakery

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