Of the People, By the People, For the People

Americans have always been a forward thinking and innovative people. Our consideration of “the people,” which defined our uniqueness, can expand to include our children—those among us who remind us of purity of purpose—regenerating our potential as a people.

A national K-12 service initiative makes sense to the average citizen, is immediately actionable, embraces existing systems of support, has short- and long-term outcomes, and is sustainable for the long haul worldwide. It identifies outstanding projects, honors project originators, and incorporates ongoing input from teachers, students, and community organizations. It gives people something practical to do in their communities that unities them with others nationally and globally, reviving the American spirit and awakening the true sense of community with our children at the helm. Our children are eager for inclusion in real-life problem solving and can work with us now to make the world more peaceable and productive for all.

This K-12 initiative will surpass anything we have created thus far, providing a legacy for our children globally, and creating significantly different outcomes than we presently experience. The model builds an infrastructure of civic engagement at home, as well as abroad, rooting the positive outcomes of widespread service activity as the norm. The adults of today are not prepared to address the challenges we face, but our children can become prepared.

With shared values, common areas of problem solving, and ingenuity that is uniquely American, we can rediscover the heartbeat of our nation, coming together to embrace those in need, and, for the first time, including the youngest Americans.