Sixth Grade: Environment

Environment is the most complex topic, embracing a wide variety of explorations in the search for best sustainable solutions. Building a base for educating and sharing creates increased opportunity for corrective action and the establishment of better, if not best practices.

Global connection to peers increases the potential rate of change and our ability to asses our progress. With social entrepreneurs and scientists at the helm, there is a direct channel to communicate with our youth through school wide assemblies. Information thus disseminated reaches the educational center of our communities and engages with the energy of our youth to take action and create change.


Recycling seems the most manageable component from this topic area for creating a signature grade level topic.

We don’t have a sample project for sixth grade students yet, but would love one if you’ve worked it out. Discussion with the community waste management director and school maintenance staff would be the starting point to assess current practices for comparison with models from other communities.

With a kindergarten through 6th grade foundation in service topics, successive generations will be experientially educated to determine their personal interest and possible service contributions as they grow into more independent adulthood. Their view of topics below will become an educated one. They will have networking possibilities in place with their peers nationwide and globally. They will be part of a national graduating class that worked together K – 6 at each topic level and continued to communicate through grades 7 – 12, zeroing in on their personal interest areas and building with their like-minded peers. The world becomes, quite naturally, a better place. We will grow guardians of humanitarian and environmental needs.

Beyond Sixth Grade

Our starting point for a national checklist of projects grew quite simply from an individual collecting projects into a spreadsheet that was gradually organized by topic as it grew. It was further organized on this website with videos and links to organizations. The intention is toward a flexible model that receives outstanding projects for dissemination, and tweaking details as well as major shifts become apparent. It is truly intended to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The models below, as the other topics, are representative examples and possibilities for consideration and connection with others in this needful area of challenge.

Environment Topic Areas:

  • Recycling
    • Schools
    • Food
    • Crayons
    • Bicycles
    • Mattresses
    • Clothing/Textiles
    • Technology
    • Building Materials
    • Larger Scope
  • Industry Innovation
  • Nature
    • Water
    • Trees
    • Gardens
    • Living Walls/Rooftop Gardens
    • Night Sky
    • Volunteering



BCSD Green Team
Our Plate Urban School Alliance



Love Food Hate Waste
The Full Freezer
World Economic Forum
Vermont Food Waste Ban
Sustainability in Prisons Project


The Crayon Initiative
Crayon Collection


Bikes Not Bombs

Sports Equipment


Bye Bye Mattress

Clothing and Textiles

Slow Fashion
Boer Group
Prato, Italy Wool Recycling


National Cristina Foundation

Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Bristol Wood Recycling Project

Larger Scope

St Vincent de Paul
San Francisco Zero Waste Goal

Industry Innovation

Mechanical Concrete
Plastic Road
Caltrans Repaved Roadway
Cool Roofs
Photocatalalytic Cement
Black Women Build
Plato’s Cave
Kalundborg Symbiosis
Gussing, Austria
Samso Island


Rights of Nature
The Savory Institute
The Regreening of Sudbury


Eradicating New Zealand Mud Snails

Mr. Trash Wheel
Cleanup Boat
Buffalo Niagra Waterkeeper
Midwest Floating Island
Indian River lagoon Clam Project
Billion Oyster Project
North Carolina Coastal Foundation
Coral Restoration Foundation
Natural Asset Insurance Policy

Marine Protected Areas

Marine Stewardship

Blue Belt Programme
SharkSafe Barrier
Pristine Seas

The Great Ocean Garbage Patch
The Ocean Cleanup


Fire Forward:


Living Walls and Rooftop Gardens

Green Bronx Machine
Reyerson Urban Farm
Nature Urbaine

Night Sky

international Dark Skies

Volunteer Opportunities

California Conservation Corps
American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacations

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