“Therapy animals can provide physical, psychological, and emotional benefits to those they interact with, typically in facility settings such as healthcare, assisted living, and schools. While most frequently dogs, therapy animals can include other domesticated species such as cats, equines, and rabbits, to name a few. These pets are evaluated on their ability to safely interact with a wide range of populations, and their handlers are trained in best practices to ensure effective interactions that support animal welfare. Therapy animal handlers may volunteer their time to visit with their animals in the community, or they may be practitioners who utilize the power of the human-animal bond in professional settings.” Pet Partners


Therapy Dogs of Vermont

Tufts: Reading Buddies

Elementary School

Proctor Elementary School Therapy Dog

Middle School

Centennial Middle School, Casper, Wyoming

High School

High School Assistance Dog, Burlington, VT

Michigan Paws for Success

Children’s Hospital

CHLA Dog Therapy Program


Iris and Thula

Nursing Homes




Equine Assisted Therapies

Hearts and Horses

At-Risk Youth

Hearts and Horses: At-Risk Youth


Hearts and Horses: Veterans
Horse Sense and Healing

Horses for Heroes