Sample Projects

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A model for meeting the need for food in a community, managed by our youth. The model also provides insight into the way a given need can be mapped out and addressed through a K-12 curricular educational sequence.

Caring For Animals

Kindergarten teachers identified animals as the starting point for a community leadership role. This power point also demonstrates the way in which models would be created and disseminated: simple format, complete with descriptive flyers or handouts. Models need to be clear and easily adopted by teachers.

Hospital Dolls

First graders build on the kindergarten Caring for Animals project, finding a new leadership role for their community hospital. This project embraces a specific component of value to hospitals as well as relevance that is readily comprehended by first graders.

Safe House Gift Bags

Second graders are sensitively brought into awareness of the need not only for a safe home, but also consideration of some things that might be comforting in new surroundings. Their engagements in providing for community needs expands to shelters.

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