Babar Ali
Sunshine Project
Cambodian Children’s Fund
Parikrma Humanity Foundation
KPR Mills
Centre of Science and Technology
The Citizens Foundation
Aschiana Foundation
Nepal Youth Foundation
Asante Africa Foundation
Heifer International
Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme
Escuela Nueva
Maya University Academy
Camp Sizanani
Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club
Foundations for Success

4Canoes: Teach with Culture and We Can Learn

Our Golden Hour: Educating Children of Indigenous Communities

Performing Life Bolivia
Anthill Creations
El Sistema
Music Fund
Chief Theresa Kachindamoto
Nuru International
Women Without Borders

Nature – Global

Indigenous Custodians of Daintree Rainforest
Flash Forest


Indigenous Seed Keepers Network

Women for Bees

Chaikuni Institute
Xingu Seeds Network

Illipe Nut Butter

Forest Peoples Programme

Church Forests of Ethiopia
Boon Rueang Wetland Forest Conservation Group


Regional Water Fund of Southern Ecuador

Nauru Agreement
Nyungwe National Park
The Green Belt Movement
The Bonn Challenge
The Reclamation of Sudbury
Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs
Temsutula Imsong Sakaar Sewa Samati
Temple Waste Flower Recycling
Costa Rica Carbon Neutral Plan

Animals – Global

Turtle Survival Alliance
British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Tenzing Bodosa
Save the Elephants
Richard Turere
Centre for Wildlife Studies
Cheetah Conservation Fund


Gorongosa National Park

Wildlife Trafficking Alert app

Joe Braman
Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Projects
Purnima Devi Barman
The Blue Feet Foundation
The Process
Soi Dog Foundation
The Big Fix Uganda
Friends of the Skyrian Horse
Free the Bears
Tapir Conservation