A National Departure Point

A Unified Foundation – Common Knowledge Nationwide

Grade aligned topic areas – Grade specific leadership roles

Teachers in our community selected the following topic areas to create age-appropriate, curriculum aligned service learning projects.  These topic areas create a national departure point:

7th–12th Grades:

  • More complex project components and mentoring support for K-6
  • Expansion of project areas supported by a national checklist of projects
  • Students at this point essentially become community members, choosing projects of need in their community and communicating with topic related elementary grade students.

K-6 service topic alignment creates:

  • Opportunity for:
    • students to work with their national peers
    • teachers to work with colleagues nationwide
    • combining local outcomes into national outcomes
    • assessing our progress in specific areas and in overview
  • Grade specific leadership roles
  • Nationwide knowledge of grades that manage specific topic information
  • A national graduating class identity

Younger students can:

  • Look forward to known leadership roles
  • Build on the work of previous classes

Older students can:

  • Mentor younger students
  • Contribute advanced components to projects managed by younger students

Our service work deserves a place at the forefront of our system of education.