What would it be like if all of our children engaged in community service? How powerful would their contributions be if they communicated nationwide at specific grade levels with their peers, working on replicable models of value in all communities? What would it be like for all communities to engage simultaneously in outstanding project models, helping those in need and restoring the environment? What would happen if we looked to our children for the solutions and respected the support they bring to our world? What would we see if we consistently looked through the lens of our children’s vision, a lens we activate when we engage with the young child? How would our children feel about their education and their place in the world? How would project originators feel to see their work spun out nationwide and worldwide? How would a generation of adults interact having grown together in solution making and solution integration?

What would it be like if every school district managed a sister city relationship with a developing area of the world? What if all community members knew that schools managed a checklist of community project, specific donations needed and sister city needs? Is this possible? Absolutely. We currently sit on the potential to wing this up for the benefit of all. Americans are perfectly suited for this mega change. We have always been able to see the possibilities and stretch forward into them, creating and carving a new future that embraces many.

What would our standing in the world be as this work took shape? We would set the standard for working together to create lasting change and honor future generations of adults in their most fundamentally formative stages of growth. We would become the central axis for information and collective work worldwide, with all of our children at the helm.

Could we sustain this? Absolutely! Our children and schools are the perfect sustainable vehicle for manning this change, both at home and abroad. We simply need to structure our current puzzle pieces into a humming machine that will move us into a new realm of history for the human race.