National and Community Checklists

A national checklist populated with many projects serves as a resource for work in our communities. As we prioritize and select projects of value, an individualized community checklist forms, which shows us who is managing a topic or project, what is needed, and how we are progressing.

If students or community members feel that a particular project from the national checklist is a priority, it can go onto the community checklist. If a community-based organization identifies a particular project of value, it can also go on the community checklist to bring it to the attention of community members. The community checklist coordinates local community information, reduces duplication of effort, and displays needs that may not be common knowledge among all community members. The community checklist shows where the gaps are in meeting local community needs and how community members can contribute.

The extraction of projects for our youth—beginning with kindergartners—is an organizational prioritization to ensure an educational foundation for our citizenry. Beyond signature projects identified with early-grade curriculum and leadership roles, other projects become available to the community, including those in middle school and high school.


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