This book represents the efforts “of the people, by the people, for the people”—the many who have taken us thus far in together creating a model for our children and community members in need. Without these efforts and contributing influences, the ideas presented would not have formed.

To Fran Hollon, for his professional validation of my initial inquiries, and for identifying the “fire in my belly” spirit that pursued a particular perspective on service learning.

To Senator Seward, for his interest, accessibility, unwavering support, and efforts to help move this work forward.

To Steve Pindar, who brought a powerhouse of energy and commitment to help get Food2Share off the ground, and Daphne Ward, for her always-inspired support of the developing model.

To all the teachers, principals, and superintendents, who took steps with me to create the elementary grade, age-appropriate service learning models for this initiative with their students.

To the students, who enthusiastically engaged in projects to better their communities, and who confirmed without prompting the potential of replicating these projects nationwide.

To the staff of community-based organizations, who educated me about a wide variety of services for those in need, who worked with teachers to create projects of significant community value, and who confirmed the logic of widespread replication to support their counterparts nationwide.

To the community members from all walks of life, who offered positive reinforcement for this idea and acknowledging that it makes sense—that we need this for our children, and for our communities.

To my husband, Tim, for his objective and constant support of my interests and abilities beyond the narrow framework of music that others had defined for me early in my life.

To Genevieve, my first child, who brought the purity of expression of the young child into my life and brought invaluable editing and insight to me as I wrote this book.

To Charlotte, for showing me when she was little how capable she was if given opportunity and respect.

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