Common Core

Core: the central or most important part of something

Test scores are a hollow shell awaiting the vital part –
the heart, the core of who we are as Americans

Common Goals – Common Projects – Common Assessment

Among parents, teachers, students, community members

The Serve America Act asks us to:

  • Tackle national priorities
  • Invest in social innovation
  • Participate in the ongoing process of national renewal

Our president asks every American to:

  • Make an enduring commitment to serving their community and country
  • Share stories of service and success
  • Measure our progress in the impact our efforts have on the life of this nation

Our youth expect to:

  • Apply education to real world problems
  • See the results of their learning in the real world
  • Be assessed by the outcomes they produce
  • Find respect for their contributions
  • Discover their individual and collective potential as the next generation
  • Use technology to connect with their national and global peers
  • Work with role models that inspire them to consider the direction of their lives beyond school
  • Find their place in the community, in the world.

A Common Core of service would:

  • Connect education with real-life application
  • Create engagement with outstanding social entrepreneurs
  • Ignite the entrepreneurial American spirit in our youngest
  • Mobilize all  Americans into problem solving work with youth

“We do not have to compel citizens to serve their country. All we have to do is ask – and provide the opportunity.”

Senator Kennedy

A national K-12 service initiative would increase the impact of the Serve America Act exponentially.