We spend much time and effort assessing the educational outcomes of our youth.
We seem to bypass the full-fledged outcomes of our education system in the adult arena.

Adults have a very poor track record for solving our humanitarian and environmental challenges.
This is the ultimate assessment of our system of education:

We are not working together well to solve our predicaments:

  • Peace eludes us
  • Consensus of direction/solution is hard to attain
  • Environmental responsibility is slow and tenuous
  • Societal needs continue to plague our communities – locally, nationally, internationally
  • Self-interest remains a primary objective

These ongoing adult outcomes are the end result of education; these outcomes are the ultimate assessment point.

Current adults were never given the action component in education – never experienced the inspiration that evolves from seeing the outcomes of education applied to real life problem solving – never learned to work together cooperatively to problem solve serious world issues.

When asked, our youth tell us they want real life involvement, but we

  • Keep them isolated – with no role to play
  • Give them no voice – no input on their education

We need to start at the root – with our youngest – to strengthen their growth with:

  • Relevance
  • Engagement in their communities
  • Leadership roles – place them at the forefront
  • A well-conceived path of contribution through graduation
  • The joy of accomplishment that inspires them to do more

Gather the puzzle pieces and create with existing components:

service learning, social entrepreneurs, community-based organizations, youth, teachers, parents, community members, technology

Create a bold, large-scale, initiative that accomplishes our real-world objectives. We can create from an overview perspective, restore national pride, and empower our youth to find their American identity.   It’s a “Yes, We Can” opportunity.

Outcomes are embedded in the project models of social entrepreneurs.

Bringing their models to our communities,
we can generate local outcomes and combine them nationally.

Assessing our progress will become accessible and obvious to all.